Capturing Emotions: Landscape Photography for Enhancing Mental Well-Being

Join us for a transformative one-day landscape photography workshop where we will explore the connection between capturing the mood and emotion of a place and its positive impact on mental health. Through immersive experiences and expert guidance, you will learn to harness the power of landscape photography as a tool for self-expression, mindfulness, and personal well-being.

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This one-day landscape photography workshop is designed to provide participants with an enriching experience that combines the joy of photography with the therapeutic benefits of connecting with nature. By focusing on capturing the mood and emotion of a place, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the landscapes around you while cultivating a positive impact on your mental well-being.

Please Note

The workshop schedule and activities are subject to change based on the location, weather conditions, and the specific needs and preferences of the participants.

Workshop Outline:

Morning Session:

  1. Introduction and Welcome:
    • Meet and greet fellow participants.
    • Overview of the workshop’s objectives and agenda.
  2. Understanding Landscape Photography and Mood:
    • Exploring the role of mood and emotion in landscape photography.
    • Discussing the psychological benefits of connecting with nature through photography.
    • Inspiring examples of landscape photographs that evoke different moods and emotions.
  3. Developing Your Vision:
    • Identifying personal themes, moods, and emotions you want to convey through your photography.
    • Guided exercises to help you define your artistic vision for the day.
    • Sharing and discussing your vision with the group.
  4. Composition and Visual Storytelling:
    • Techniques for composing impactful landscape photographs.
    • Understanding the use of colour, light, and perspective to evoke specific moods.
    • Emphasizing the importance of storytelling through your images.
  5. Field Excursion:
    • Guided field trip to a scenic location with diverse landscapes.
    • Encouraging mindful observation and connecting with the surroundings.
    • Practicing composition techniques and capturing the mood and emotion of the place through your lens.

Afternoon Session:

  1. Review and Group Critique:
    • Reflecting on the morning’s field excursion.
    • Group discussion and critique of selected photographs to understand the emotions conveyed.
    • Constructive feedback from the instructor and peers.
  2. Post-Processing for Emotional Impact:
    • Introduction to basic post-processing techniques to enhance the mood of your images.
    • Demonstrations using popular photo editing software.
    • Hands-on practice with your own images, guided by the instructor.
  3. Sharing and Reflection:
    • Presenting your favorite photograph from the day’s excursion and discussing the emotions it evokes.
    • Open discussion on the connections between photography, mood, and mental well-being.
    • Sharing personal insights and reflections on the day’s experience.
  4. Creating a Personal Collection:
    • Collaborative session on curating your best images from the workshop.
    • Discussion on potential ways to showcase and share your collection to inspire others.
  5. Workshop Conclusion:
    • Recap of key takeaways and lessons learned.
    • Providing resources for continued learning and inspiration.
    • Farewell and group photo.

Paul’s approach to photography as a means for mental well-being has been a revelation. His workshops are not just about improving your photography skills but also about enhancing your mental health. A perfect escape from my busy life



199 .00

Per Person

  • Full day workshop
  • For any Skill Level
  • Friendly & Relaxed
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€199 euros per person

A max of 6 people per workshop

Sat 20th Jan 2024

Howth Head, Co. Dublin.

From 9am to 5pm
depending on the weather and location