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I’m a photographer based in Dublin. Originally an IT Guy in the corporate world. Now I focus on my passion for landscape photography and try to pass on that passion to others through my workshops.


The quality, direction, and colour of light can dramatically alter how a scene is represented in a photograph. Light can bring out textures, create mood, and emphasize certain parts of your composition.


This is about how the elements in your photograph are arranged. The rule of thirds, leading lines, and framing are just a few techniques that can guide the viewer’s eyes and create a more compelling image.


Even the most well-composed, well-lit photograph can fall flat without an interesting subject. The subject could be a landscape, a person, or a small detail – what matters is that it holds the viewer’s interest.


A good photograph often tells a story or conveys a certain feeling. Whether it’s the awe-inspiring grandeur of a mountain range or the serene simplicity of a lone tree, the image should connect with the viewer on an emotional level.

My Story

After three decades spent in the IT industry, I was a seasoned professional comfortable with complexity. But beneath the surface, stress and anxiety were eroding my mental health.

I turned to an old interest, photography, during a tough period. The practice of observing and capturing the world’s quiet beauty was a welcome relief. This simple hobby became a beacon in the storm, helping me to express my emotions and experience peace. I realised that my true passion lay far from the corporate world.

Making the decision to leave my stable IT career and transition into professional landscape photography wasn’t easy. It was filled with uncertainties and challenges. But I was driven by the need for authenticity and personal fulfilment.

The journey was rough at times, full of self-doubt and steep learning curves. But each step reinforced my belief in photography as a therapeutic force.

My change in career and my mental health journey became interwoven. There were dark periods and periods of light, just like the landscapes I photograph. Photography was more than a profession – it became a way to connect with others and a lifeline for my well-being.

Now, I am not just an ex-IT professional or a photographer. I am a living example of the power of following your passion and using creativity as a means of navigating mental health challenges. I tell stories through my lens, sharing my journey and the beauty of our world.

Looking back, I see how every challenge and triumph has made me who I am. Looking forward, I see a path of continued exploration and growth. I invite you to join me, to see the world through my photographs, to understand the healing power of photography, and to embark on your own journey to well-being.


Paul Deegan

Photographer & Owner of Deegan.Photo

Ready to explore the transformative power of photography? Want to embark on a journey of self-discovery and well-being through the lens of a camera?

Get in touch today and let’s start your journey together.

Paul’s workshop was transformative. He taught me to see the world in a different way and how to translate that into my photos. The blend of nature and mindfulness truly helped in alleviating my stress. Highly recommend!


I’ve always loved photography, but Paul’s workshop brought a whole new dimension to my passion. He beautifully blends the art of capturing landscapes with a mindful approach. The calming effect it has on my anxiety is remarkable.


Paul’s patient guidance and inspiring story have sparked a newfound love for photography in me. I feel more attuned to my surroundings and at peace with myself since joining his workshop. Truly an enriching experience!


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